Ad plattforms are a dime a dozen these days: Facebook (Meta), TikTok, Reddit, Snapchat as well as Pinterest, just to name a few. Each of these ad platform supports different dynamic parmeter values (also referred to as URL macros) to pair with your UTM parameters. From experience, we are very much aware how annoying it can be to keep track of URL macros.
AdWhatCost's UTM Generator saves you the hazzle of repeatedly having to search for the supported macros of each ad platform and enables you to conveniently generate your UTM tracking code tailored to the ad platform in question, be it via manual input or by simply picking your preferred dynamic value from a list of all available macros.
The full website URL, e.g.
We recommend to use the dynamic site source name here
e.g. cpc (for cost per click) or ppc (for pay per click)
For example the dynamic campaign ID or campaign name
Originally, this UTM parameter is designated for passing search terms. However, you can use it as you please and insert any value you'd like to track.
We recommend using the the dynamic ad ID value.
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