AdWhatCost is UTM powered. This means that we use UTM parameter sets to match your data from Facebook Ads & TikTok Ads with your Shopify store data. Using this UTM bridge, we crawl the API of Shopify, Facebook Ads & TikTok Ads for all metrics of relevance to reliably capture the performance of your ads.

In order to ensure full transparency and traceability, AdWhatCost comes with receipts: Every single order allocated to an ad is listed on that ad's detail page.

In order to deliver more precise insights into the profitability of your ads, we don't just take the ad spend into the equation, but also account for tax as well as cost of goods sold (COGS) and shipping costs.

Contrary to big ad platforms such as Facebook, AdWhatCost isn't restricted to a one-week attribution window. We analyze the entirety of your customer's journey inside of your Shopify store and attribute the order to the latest UTM parameter set recorded. This attribution model is called "Last Click". The length of the attribution window is only limited to the length of your customer's journey.

UTM parameters can be added at the end of an URL to transport information about the person clicking the link. Their primary purpose is to measure the performance of marketing campaigns. There is a total of five UTM parameters:
  • utm_source: which site/app the user comes from
  • utm_medium: type of traffic, e.g. organic vs. paid
  • utm_campaign: name or ID of the marketing campaign
  • utm_term: a search term
  • utm_content: name or ID of the ad
For a more detailed look at UTM parameters, please check out our UTM guide.

Facebook Ads & TikTok Ads give you the option to add UTM parameters to your ads. When a user then clicks on your ad, the UTM parameters along with the information they store will accompany the user via the URL to your Shopify store, where the UTM parameters will be recorded in a so-called moment. Once the user turns into a customer, this moment along with the data transported via the UTM parameters will become a part of his/her customer journey.

The easiest way to make sure that your UTM parameter sets are unique is by adding the ID of the respective ad as one of your UTM parameter values. Ad IDs are unique by design.

With "Actual Shipping Costs" we refer to the amount your business pays per shipped order as compared to the shipping costs you charge your customer. For example, you might charge your customer $3.00 for shipping during the checkout process, but you in fact pay $5.00 for shipping that very order. The "Actual Shipping Costs" are important when it comes to calculating the profitability of ads. You can change the "Actual Shipping Costs" value in the "Product Metrics" section of the settings page.

Not all our features are connected to Facebook Ads or TikTok Ads. You can, for example, also use AdWhatCost for UTM tracking beyond Facebook & TikTok Ads.

Not all features of our app rely on UTM parameters. But please keep in mind that proper UTM parameter usage is vital to most of our app's features.

Yes, that is indeed possible. You can create a user via the settings page. You can use this user's creadentials to directly log in at Of course, it will also still be possible to log in via Shopify.

You can create a user on AdWhatCost's settings page. If you enter the same email address on the settings page of all your Shopify stores with an AdWhatCost subscriptions, you can use this user account to directly log in at The arrow next to your store name in the top-right corner, will open a drop down with all Shopify store names affiliated to that user. Please note, that it is only possible to switch between stores, when logged in with the user's credentials directly via our website, not so when logged in via Shopify.

If you are logged in to our app, simply click on the question mark icon in the top right corner and submit the support form to get in touch with us. Alternatively, you can reach our customer support via email at support [at] adwhatcost [dot] com. Please make sure to include all relevant information so that our customer support team can process your request as soon as possible.