AdWhatCost – A Shopify App

A UTM parameter powered performance monitoring tool that delivers fast & verifiable insights into your Facebook (Meta), Instagram & TikTok ads as a whole but also on campaign, ad set & ad level.

Ad Performance Monitoring

Ever since the release of iOS14, conversion reporting has not only become less accurate but also slower with reporting delays of up to several days.

AdWhatCost analyzes your customer's journey as soon as Shopify linked it to your orders to deliver your ad performance data in close to real time to put you in a position where you can once again make educated scaling decisions at a moment's notice.

Ad Profitability Tracking

In order to deliver a more precise account of your ads' profitability as well as advanced marketing KPIs such as ROMI, our app looks beyond your ad spend and in addition also includes your cost of goods sold (COGS), shipping costs and taxes into the calculation of your ad profit.

Unlimited Attribution Window

In order to lift the one-week click attribution constraint put on you by ad platforms like Facebook, we not only look at the converted session that brought about the order, but on top of that also meticulously analyze the entirety of sessions making up your customer's journey.

Your attribution window is only limited by the length of the respective customer's journey.

UTM Tracking

AdWhatCost utilizes UTM parameter sets to match your Facebook (Meta) Ads & TikTok Ads data with your Shopify store data, to give you a reliable account of all orders that were verifiably placed by visitors of your store who have at the very least at one point in their customer journey clicked on one of your ads.

It is our objective to guarantee full transparency and traceability, therefore we come with receipts, in the sense that we list each order on the respective ad's detail page.

All-Encompassing Reporting Tables

Our user interface's slick design, delivers all relevant information at one glance, be it on campaign, ad set or ad level, finally putting an end to a near infinite barrage of spread sheets occupying your time.

Spend your time on what's really important – growing your Shopify store!